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    There is light at the end of the tunnel! Shocked My last x-rays confirmed 4cm (L) and 3cm (R) last week so am FAIRLY confident I have seen the back of fusions and frame malfunctions. My final goal is 5cm so I'm over the hill and currently freewheeling down the other side (in a rusty Rover Metro, for the inquisitive) with minimal pain and just a token dose of discomfort! Wink My biggest enemy is boredom at the moment, I came to China with good intentions to study Mandarin and also improve my Russian but in practice it's very distracting having broken legs and my maximum time sat on a chair without going nuts from aches and pains is around 30mins. so not ideal conditions for trying to absorb bizarre and exotic languages! I'm happy to report my PSP still loves me and I can chill in bed and button bash away the hours but I do feel slightly guilty that my Mandarin is so lame after 3 and a half months and still mainly consists of pointing at things and nodding.

    If my calculations are accurate I should be done turning by December 1st so in theory should have frames removed around 21st. If I supplied the paper I wonder if my docs. would be happy to gift-wrap my new legs immediately after frame removal so when I wake up I have something to open on Xmas Day?....would be the best present ever! I realise I'm getting a bit carried away and there could be more complications along the way but I feel more positive now and just the look of my legs growing is really lifting my spirits. I should however point out that I too have been affected by B.H.K.S. (Beijing hairy knee syndrome), it's quite a strange phenomenon but after initially feeling a bit freakish I have learned to love my new hairy knees and have no intentions to wax or hide them from the world. Grin

    Other things to mention here are the new patients who have just recently arrived or had surgery. We have welcomed five new LL'ers into the madhouse in recent weeks so it seems there is a constant supply of fresh meat here and it seems more are arriving than leaving at the moment which gives you an idea of the popularity/confidence people have in this hospital.

    Will post after next X-rays.....

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    Diary 4th May.

    Hey all MMTers.

    Firstly, apologies for such a big gap since the last post. After leaving hospital I kinda lost my motivation to complete the diary as I had loads going on back home and the op. was quickly forgotten. Well I should start by saying that my legs feel good. I'm now 4 and 1/2 months post frame-removal and have put a lot of weight back on, particularly on my thighs which were way too skinny during my hospital stay. I try to walk and stretch every day, my left leg can now bend to just over 90 degrees and the right one to around 80 so it has been a slow process. When I think back to January I could only manage 45 on the left and 30ish on the right so the increase in movement means I can do most things now without too much trouble. Coming down stairs is still a challenge and I tend to do baby steps still, I think this should improve soon though as my knees are still getting stronger and I can see an improvement week on week which is reassuring.

    I am abroad until the autumn and to be honest I have been in hiding since I got home. The way I was walking would have prompted all sorts of questions from people so I decided to hide for a few months until going to Spain for the summer. Thankfully my walking has improved loads due to my increased range of movement in my knees. As I'm not at home I won't be getting any x-rays until November when I get back so I can't say how my bone growth is doing. Ideally I would like to have the rods removed early in 2012 as I don't like the idea of the them staying in for too long, this will depend on how my bone has consolidated though and the docs will tell me when I can have the op. once they are satisfied with my x-rays.

    I reckon it should take me until the end of the year to get fully fit and I quickly realised after getting home that just walking doesn't help my knees improve much and that stretching exercises are more beneficial. Also I'm still limiting my walking as I don't want any issues with broken screws so have been trying to hit the pool as an alternative. I have developed a kind of freaky-looking doggy paddle technique, which while not pretty at least helps my legs and means I can get a bit of cardio too. Man, I miss kicking a ball around and going for a run! I really should stress to potential LL'ers that this procedure really does require loads of patience, even once the frames are off.

    Well that just about covers the last few months, I'll def. keep this diary updated until my rods are removed as I still have the challenge of getting my knees to bend past 90 degrees and beyond. A big thank you goes out to all the staff at Guang Ji hospital too, it was a bumpy ride but the end result is well worth it!


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