Here is a list of words you will come across when first researching leg lengthening that you may not be familiar with:

Calcify - the formation of calcium phosphate, the dense hard material of bones
Callus - formation of new bone around a fracture site, a "soft" material formed in the first stages of bone healing
Cortical Bone - the dense, hard outer portion of a bone
Distal - away from, furthest point of reference (from the head)
Distract - to extend or lengthen
Femur - thigh bone, largest bone in the body
Fibula - the smaller bone between the knee and ankle, on the outer side of the leg
Implant - device inserted into a tissue for an indefinite period of time and which is not absorbed by the body
Intramedullary - inside the hollow canal of a bone
Lateral - outer sides or surfaces, away from the middle or median plane, both right and left
Medial - middle or merdian plane, toward the midline, inner surfaces or sides
Osteogenesis - the step by step process of natural bone growth
Osteotomy - a surgical incision into or through a bone
Proximal - closer to the head, nearest point of reference
Regenerate - new bone tissue growth
Tibia - the large leg bone between the knee and ankle, on the inside of the leg