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ShyShy - Internal Femurs - Leg Lengthening with Dr Guichet in France - 2013
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    Post ShyShy - Internal Femurs - Leg Lengthening with Dr Guichet in France - 2013

    Hi all,

    First of all, i had the surgery 7 months ago so this is not gonna be a diary but more like a summary of my leg lengthening journey i'd like to share now since it's still fresh in my mind. Iíll talk about the big steps of my journey, but if u have any specific questions, feel free to ask.

    So, to introduce myself:

    Age: 30+
    Gender: male
    Ethnicity: white
    Initial height: ~ 1,68 m (~5f6)
    Wingspan: ~ 1,74 (~ 5f8,5) / Sitting height: ~ 88cm (~ 2f10,5) for those who care about proportions.
    Initial weight: ~66 kg (~145 lb)
    Initial flexibility: ~85-90į on SLR
    Physical abilities: Close to average, i always practiced many kind of sports but never been an athlete.

    For some reasons i was unhappy with my height since i was 15-16. Cuz i have almost always been the shortest male (classroom, family, friends), i really lacked in self-confidence in so many situations, especially for dating.
    So when i got 20, i decided to start research about leg lengthening. I discovered how hard and expensive was that process but i was highly determined so i didn't give up n i kept quiet during years.
    Eventually after finishing my studies and earning enough money (which took me almost 10 years), i decided to meet Dr Guichet for a first consultation at the end of 2012 in Marseille.
    For those who are wondering why i chosed Dr Guichet:
    1) He's doing LL since 20 years.
    2) He has operated hundreds of patients.*
    3) From what i searched, he's using the strongest nail (i was a bit worrying about breaking or bending it)
    He measured me, tested my flexibilty and told me what gain i could expect from the LL process. I was aiming at 7-8 cm (knowing that it could be definitely less) and he said it was possible but he told me i had to train a bit first, he also gave me few instructions about what i should do before the surgery in order to have it and to optimize the results post-surgery.
    I was quite flexible but not especially muscled so i trained myself during several months to gain flexibility and strength on legs. Body-building and stretching 2-3 times per week, and some cycling.

    It took me 3 months to gain 20% of strength on quads on the isokinetic test and 7 months to gain around 40% in total.
    I went to 115-120į on SLR test, and i was weighting ~ 73 kg (~ 160 lb) right before the surgery.

    I've been mailing Dr Guichet few times during 2013 and we planned the surgery the 30th september.
    After making all the medicals exams needed, i met him again in Milano to finalize the administrative part, 1 month before the surgery. Right before that last consultation, i also been able to meet 3 patients who had or were lengthening. I won't go into details, but they seemed pretty good and very reassuring about the LL process.
    I organized the whole stuff before going there including the help of a family member for my journey.
    I rent a very nice flat in Milano (Desuite Milano) for me and my family member (I recommend it if u ever go there, nicest people i ever met).

    30th september, (Day 0)
    at 7am i entered the clinic Casa di Cura Colombus.
    at ~ 8am i entered the operating bloc
    5 hours later operation ended.
    1 hour after the end of operation, i woke up with that weird feeling i'll never forget, "broken femurs effect". And Dr Guichet was here to tell me that operation went well and that it was time to do bike. And i was like wtf, half asleep, very thirsty, legs stiffed as if i ran a marathon the day before and dr wanted me to do bike?
    Well, the beginning was strange and a bit hard but after few minutes i got accustomed to
    my new broken femurs and eventually i did 30 mins of bike.
    After that i had like 1 million medical visits including, physiotherapist, nurses and other various doctors checking how it was going.
    Dr Guichet also showed me how to make clicks, he made me 1 on each side, itís been quite easy n pain free.
    First sleepless night due to stupid mosquitoes in my room. From all the inconveniences itís possible to have during a LL, i must confess that i was not expecting the mosquitoes.* (get some lemon if u get operated during summer or beginning of autumn, this is not a joke!)

    Day 1,
    I used my walker n walked during ~15 mins in the clinic. Some cycling n first x-rays.

    X-rays ~ +1 cm


    Bunch of medical visits again, ďtutto va beneĒ (=everything is all right) as theyíre used to say.

    Day 2,
    Same story as the 2 first days, except that i took my first shower alone^^
    But since i needed my walker, it took me like at least 30 mins ( for not a even a 5 mins shower) n i couldnít* wash my feet.

    Day 3,
    Last medical exams, n i left the clinic in the afternoon. I had densitometry test in another clinic. I also bought a bike in the center of Milan. Eventually back to my flat.

    Day 4,
    First weekly visit in the isokinetic center with Dr Boldrini. SLR test, back to 85į after only 1,2 cm, but apparently ďtutto va beneĒ.
    Then first stretching exercices with physiotherapists, Stefano and Andrea, both cool and very professional.

    After that, i can say that almost all days looked the same. If u do LL, IMO get ready to live like a zombie, doing things w/o even thinking about it, during several weeks. Clicking, eating,* walking, cycling, sleeping (when i could), clicking, eating,* walking, cycling, sleeping n again, n again, n again...

    Day 14,
    X-rays ~ +2,7 cm

    Day 21,
    Had to wait a bit before having the results x-rays (misunderstanding with the administration of the clinic).
    Anyway x-rays were ok so iíve been allowed to use the crutches.* Little exercices of walking, n using stairs with it. After 10-15 mins, i got accustomed to it.
    From that day except in my flat, i didnít use my walker anymore.

    Few days after, i was using the subway on my own. I can say that people in Milan take care of people with less mobility, i donít remember how many times i heard ďuna mano?Ē (=need help?) while i was using stairs in the subway.

    Day 25,
    ~ 55-60į on SLR test. Until the end of my lengthening it stayed like this, i didnít lose flexibility anymore.

    Day 29,
    X-rays ~ +4,5 cm

    Day 34-35,
    I gained ~ 5cm n probably for the first time of my life i didnít feel short anymore.*
    If for any reasons i had to stop here, i think i would have been happy already.

    Day 45,
    X-rays ~ +5,7 cm


    Day 46,
    First exercices in swiming-pool.

    Around 2 months post-op,
    I decided to stop LL when i would reach 7cm. Missing family and friends, i wanted to go back to my home before Xmas.

    Day 70,
    X-rays ~ +7,3 cm


    Day 72,
    First walk w/o crutches with a little duck-ass.

    Day 73,
    11 pm, last clicks.
    1132 clicks and 7,547 cm later (and 6-7 kg less), itís time to enjoy my new height^^

    2 days post-clicking,
    Going back home.

    4-5 days post-clicking,
    I completely get rid off the crutches.

    2 weeks post-clicking, (3 months post-op)
    My duck-ass disappeared n my walk looked pretty normal, but i still felt stiffness in my back while walking.

    1 month post-clicking,
    Walking as i used to do it before the surgery. No more pain, no more stiffness.

    4 months post-op,


    Bone r fused, it probably happened 1 month post-clicking.

    6 months post-op,

    Bones r strong enough to run n start gradually body-building of legs.

    At first try, jogging has been quite easy, running and body-building have been harder causing pain on higher part of quads.
    I donít worry it about since itís getting better and easier every week. I might give more details about my recovery later.

    What i'm doing 6 months n 3 weeks post-op, (i posted videos on youtube under the name "shyshyflyfly" )



    Running frontview

    Running sideview

    To conclude, more than the lack of sleep and the pain, for me the hardest thing during this LL has been the boring aspect. Cuz yea, itís been boring to do almost everyday the same things. Fortunately, itís been only 2 months and a half. I kept confident, smiling and very positive during the all process even if it was not easy everyday. Iím pretty sure that this positive attitude has been one of the key of my successful LL. Getting those little millimeters everyday kept me happy n reminded me that the end was getting closer.

    When i look back, remembering how i was sad and how i was lacking in self-confidence cuz i felt short before the surgery, i donít have any doubt that it was definitely worse it n that i made the right choice by doing this LL.

    Now that i donít feel short anymore, my big pleasure is only to put my coat and my sneakers and hanging out in the street.

    I feel good, iím just happy
    go to makemetallershoes.com

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    Only showing scars at 7,5 months post-op

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    My proportions after added 7,5cm to femurs:

    My flexibility at 7 months and 3 weeks post-op:

    since few days i can put the palm of my hands on the floor^^

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    Basically it cost me ~ 55 000 euros (plz note that i had a family member with me during 2,5 months so i paid the food for 2 but i didn't have to pay a caretaker)

    Operation ~ 42 000

    Isokinetic Center ~ 4500
    2000 per month (i paid only for ~ 2 months cuz i didn’t go there everyday the last 3 weeks) + an extra of ~ 500 euros for hydrotherapy (i asked for swiming-pool, but it’s up to u, u might want it or not)

    The rent of flat ~ 4500 (for 2,5 months, with all necessary, and 2 beds)
    It’s been 1800 per month. U can find cheaper but they have been very arranging with me.
    As u know, i had to go the isokinetic center 5 times per week which is ~ 2,5 km away from my flat. Considering i had my walker, that meant cabs everyday at least at the beginning while i was not able to use the subway. (keep in mind that Guichet strongly discourages the use of wheelchair, so 2,5 km in wheelchair, just forget it)
    So i asked the person in charge of the residence (Selene) if she knew a taxi driver so i could have bargained a global price for a daily ride to go to the rehab center and come back to my flat.
    She didn’t know any but she asked the guy who was in charge of the cleaning of the residence (Gerry) if he could drive me to the center and get me back 4 hours later (it’s like 10mins of driving). Gerry said ok.
    Normally the rent of this flat includes a weekly cleaning. So instead of that, i said that my family member could do the washing cuz Gerry been arranging doing the taxi.
    Of course, i paid him 150 euros per month and sometimes (very rarely) he was not able to drive me to center so i had to take a cab or the subway (when i started to use crutches).
    I also told the rehab center that i would only come from 8am to 12am cuz Gerry was working in the residence only during the morning and could only drive me there and get me back at those hours.

    Eventually, i took cabs only 6- 7 times.
    When i left the clinic 3 days pot-op, when i had second x-rays 14 days pot-op and maybe 2-3 times during the first 3 weeks when Gerry was not able to drive me to the center or get me back 4 hours later.

    After the first 3 weeks, when i had a medical appointement as for example, i managed with the subway.

    Transports cost in Milano ~ 500 euros.
    300 for Gerry
    less then 200 for the cabs
    I cheated for the subway (not that i wanted to but i was too lazy to make a suscription card only for 2 months, anyway it’s like 35euros per month), if u’re walking with crutches subway’s supervisors will just open the doors and let u go in or out the subway. yay like 70 euros saved Grin

    Others costs ~ 2500 euros
    Including the medical appointements (x-rays every 2 weeks and 3 densitometry tests), food for 2 persons and few other stuffs (like an inside bike for 80 euros) .
    Milano is kinda cheap town, at least compared to Paris. I remember that i was getting my daily pizza for 5-6 euros (don’t ask me how a pizzeria can make money selling so cheaply), and pizzas r good in Italy^^

    Pre-op costs ~ 1200 euros
    Blood tests and first isokinetic test ~ free since i did it in my country n my health insurance paid for me. (ofc i pay for my health insurance like everyone else, so i didn’t count it)
    Bunch of drugs, walker, crutches less than 100 euros (drugs r cheap in France, and many things been paid by my healthinsurance since i had medical prescription)
    First consultation with Guichet in Marseille: 200 euros
    Second consultation in Milano : 150 euros
    Isokinetic test in Milano: 150 euros
    First x-rays in Milano ~150 euros
    First bone densitometry in Milano ~ 300 euros
    Psychiatrist consultation ~ 200 euros

    What i didn't include
    Pre-op training and professional coach
    I've been going into a gymclub with a coach who made me a personal training program but i also worked a lot on my own during several months.
    So far it didn't cost me a lot but if u wanna gain time u'd better go with a highly skilled coach who gonna kick your ass to improve your strength and flexibility.

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    X-rays ~10 months post-op

    left leg

    right leg

    This might be the worst photoshop u've seen*
    Posture and shoes r similar, i adjusted the size of the photo post-LL with a graduated ruler to make it conicide with the pre-LL photo.
    But it's not highly accurate, it's only to give a rough idea.

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    Recorded at the end of june but only edited with a software last days.


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    I was alone to record myself sprinting 3 days ago, so since 100m was too far away for the beginning of the race, i recorded another sprint of 84,39m sprint.

    slow motion mode x8 at the end of the race

    full race 84,39m

    As i could check on my software, it took me ~ 11,5 sec for those 84,39m.
    If u count my awful start Cheesy, that puts me at ~ 13 sec for 100m.

    PS: Sry for the quality of the video

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